Commercial Mortgage Loans – Credit Crisis

In my humble opinion the credit crisis will be resolved and we as the commercial loan brokers that stuck it out will be in a strong positions when the secondary market returns. These cycles happen every 10 to 15 years. Compare what is happening right now to the saving and loans crisis. During that cycle 1009 institutions went out of business. 1009… Last week Silver State Bank went out, we’re now at 11. 11 vs. 1009…Also, The Mortgage Banker Association came out with a report last week regarding default rates on the CMBS market. Though the default rate went up from .30% to .48% we are still at 20 year lows! To me this means that the fundamental on the commercial side are still in place.How long will it take to work out? I don’t know. I’m hearing a year, maybe a year and half. However deals are still closing. They may not be as fat as they where a year ago, but if you dig deep enough you can still find doable, “closeable” loans. With that being said residential loan officers and brokers that are in the midst of diversifying their income by brokering commercial loans, don’t underestimate the transition.But don’t get intimidated. Commercial loans are not that complicated especially on deals under $3,000,000. The trick is to learn to be able to spot doable deals. Not only deals that will close, but also loans that you will have a competitive edge on. It’s all about finding the right “hair” on the deal.And don’t try to wing it. We get loan applications all the time from residential loan officers that haven’t taken the time to learn the intricacy of the business. What you can’t afford is wasting months on deals that aren’t doable from the start. Training, any type of training for commercial loans is essential if you really hope to succeed as a commercial loan broker in this market.Now is the time to bear down, not think about switching industries; in a year or two we’ll be in a position to rake it in and on comrades that left the industry will still be trying to figure out their new industry.

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